First of all, please allow me to wish you a very Happy New Year from myself and everyone at Hub Care Support!

2023 was a pretty special year for this very special franchise, and it seems like every month has just been one good news story after the other. So, I thought I’d take this chance to give you a summary of all the biggest developments and let you know more about where the Hub Care Support franchise is heading over the next year.

5 new franchisees joined in 2024!

It’s so incredible and heartwarming just how much the Hub Care family has grown this year. We’ve been joined by some truly amazing people who are not only finding the business success they’ve always dreamed about, but also becoming real champions for the exciting new way that Hub Care is approaching care.

This month, one of the first franchisee couples to join, Amy & Adam from West Herts., have officially opened their second office in a neighbouring territory, taking the number of Hub Care offices to 10! An impressive milestone but, given how quickly the franchise is growing, I expect that number to increase really very quickly over the next year, so if you have a territory in mind, I recommend getting your foot in the door soon!

You can get the ball rolling by talking to me first by clicking here to schedule a call.

Hub Care Support is changing lives for the better, but don’t just take our word for it…

Here are some of the lovely things franchisees have had to say about Hub Care Support:

“I’ve always dreamed about owning my own care company. With Hub Care Support’s help, suddenly I went from ‘one day”’ to ‘today’!” – Amy, West Herts.

“I have always felt I am a person who puts community first. When I discovered Hub Care Support, it really wasn’t a difficult decision to join them.” – Bukky, Milton Keynes & Beds.

“A model like Hub Care Support’s gives unique opportunities to care professionals to be in charge of actually delivering the care which is most needed.” – Fale, Liverpool.

“When I discovered Hub Care, I thought ‘Bingo! They’ve got it!’. They made us realise there really is a better way to do things, and I immediately loved the whole way it was setup.” – Mark, Fareham.

“The happier you are, the better your quality of life, and the longer will be able to maintain the quality of life you deserve. The Hub Care Support franchise is an absolute win-win for everyone.” – Rosie, Exeter.

Some wonderful feedback, but maybe you’d be interested in speaking to some of them yourself? Hearing directly from franchisees about their experience is a great way to really understand exactly what it is like working with a franchise, so I definitely recommend this if you want to take a deeper dive into this opportunity.

If you’re interested, the first step is to schedule a call with me.

After that, we can arrange a meeting with Natasha and James at Hub Care head office. They’re really friendly people and would be more than happy to tell you more.

Once you’ve met with James and Natasha, I would be happy to set up an introduction for you with their franchise owners. I can also give you a bit more background on the franchisee you can talk to, and recommend some questions to ask to help you get the most out of the call.

Getting started as easy as clicking the button at the bottom of this email to schedule a call. Alternatively, why not join us for one of our upcoming webinars? Just click the date below to register:

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I look forward to speaking with you.