With the opening off the 11th and 12th UK branches in the pipeline, the Hub Care Support franchise is becoming a serious presence in the UK care industry. What is even more remarkable, however, is that several of their very first franchisees are already well into their second year of business!

We recently caught up with Bukky Ajibola, Hub Care Support business owner in Milton Keynes & Bedford to hear about how things are going for her now that her all important first year is well behind her.

Bukky joined Hub Care Support back in the second half of 2022, and was one of the first franchisees to join the network. She had previously worked in social housing, and was very keen to start her own business which would have a positive impact on the local communities she loved, and a Hub Care Support franchise was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

You can read her full back story here: Meet our Franchisees: Bukky

The first year in business can be tough, even with the amazing backing and support a franchise like Hub Care Support can offer. Bukky’s first year has had its ups and downs, but her dedication and passion for the role has carried her through. One of her biggest reasons for joining a franchise was to overcome challenges she could never handle alone, and that decision has certainly paid off.

“I’m so happy I’m part of a bigger organisation and not going it alone. “ Bukky told us. “I can’t tell you how much Hub’s support has helped me. Knowing I can just pick up the phone and get the help I need has made a huge difference. It’s been a big learning curve, but now that the brand and what we can do is becoming well-known in this area, the calls and emails requesting our service are coming in all the time.”

Challenges & successes

So, what have been the biggest highs and lows of Bukky’s journey so far?

“There have been so many wonderful moments, it’s hard to choose just one highlight! I’m feeling especially positive right now because I have just started talks with some very important potential clients. I can’t say too much yet, but it definitely feels like big things are happening for us!

“Getting the word out there hasn’t always been easy. People are very interested in what we can do for them, but it has sometimes taken its toll on me just how much leg work I have had to put in, and now it really feels like all that hard work is paying off. My only wish might be that we could do even more for the people who need us most!”

Plans for the future

Bukky is a great example of the kind of franchisee Hub is looking for: someone with a community heart, but also an excellent business brain. As she has both, she also has big plans for the future, perhaps even taking on a second territory someday.

“My big ambition for the business is that we will become the No. 1 choice for care in this area. The first place people come to get the help they need. As a brand, and as a business, Hub Care Support has been everything I could have asked for, and more. There’s been so much support from head office, and there has always been a clear path to success. You put in the work, you get the results. On top of that, it really does feel like I am part of a family!”

We’re sure this is just the beginning of the good news stories we can expect from Bukky! We wish her all the best for the rest of her 2nd year, and for many years to come.

Could you be the next Hub Care Support success story?

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