What’s the single biggest problem facing the care sector today?

You don’t need to be an expert in care to know that one of the biggest crises the industry faces is lack of quality carers. The most vulnerable in our communities don’t know if they’ll see the same person from one day to the next, and never know if there even be enough carers to look after their needs.

It’s a disaster for those who so desperately need quality care, and it’s also a nightmare for care business owners who operate staffing or domiciliary care agencies.

Thanks to Hub Care Support’s unique business model, you never need to worry about finding great carers

The Hub Care Support franchise flips the traditional care model on its head, making carers the heart of everything they do. So, instead of just trying to employ as many low-paid staff as they can, they actually encourage skilled carers to take charge of their working life as fully-independent Personal Assistants (PAs). Rather than simply assigning people wherever they are needed as best they can, Hub Care Support introduces service users to PAs who match their needs, and want to work with them.

As a result, PAs can enjoy better conditions, choice of who they work with and when, greater job satisfaction, and a better income. This can sometimes be more than double what a traditional agency carer would get elsewhere. With many carers struggling to get by on minimum wage, PAs enjoy hourly rates of between £20 and £25 p/h.

“Hub Care Support’s business format of well-paid, well looked after PAs means they are highly motivated and it attracts people who are passionate about care.” – Amy & Adam, West Herts.

PAs don’t just flock to Hub Care Support, they stick around, too!

While it’s usually the opportunity of substantially better income that first attracts PAs, it is the whole culture of Hub Care Support and how it can help them deliver the care they know is needed that keeps PAs working with them year after year. They can finally develop meaningful relationships with people in their care, and see first-hand what a difference they are making in people’s lives.

By being independent PAs, they can also enjoy a better work-life balance and not become burnt out by long, thankless hours away from their lives and families.

Which is why the Hub Care Support franchise has been able to retain 90% of its PA’s for more than one year, compared to the 40% who leave their jobs within 12 months in regular domiciliary care and staffing agencies. That means not only better carers who are more experienced, but more dedicated too. People who have a deep sense of personal involvement in their work.

“There’s no shortage of people who want to work with us. Once word spread about what we can offer here at Hub Care Support, we’ve never been short of great carers who want to become PAs.” – Roger & Joyce, East Anglia

Hub Care Support can even help you find PAs

As part of the Hub Care Support franchise, you’ll not only receive fantastic training in how to build your own team of PAs, but the team will also work closely with you to run recruitment days and provide you with a number of marketing templates. You can also count on their ongoing support throughout your partnership.

Would you like to learn more about how the Hub Care Support franchise is revolutionising the way businesses work with carers?

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