What’s the first thing you picture when you think about annual business conferences? Probably long meetings in stuffy rooms, or endless powerpoint presentations. Sure, dealing with the nitty gritty of running your own business can sometimes get a bit dry, even in a such a dynamic industry as care.

However, from what I hear, Hub Care Support’s first franchisee meetup a few weeks ago was anything but dull!

There was plenty of time to chat about work, of course, and lots of opportunities for franchisees to ask for any support they needed. However, the Hub Care team were also very keen to make this as much about getting to know each other as anything else, which is why they all headed out in the afternoon to a local escape room!

Despite a lot of laughter, the team did manage to get out in time to enjoy dinner!

If you work in a challenging industry like care, you definitely need events like this to blow off some steam, but that’s not the only reason why the day was planned like this. It was all about bringing the network together and helping them connect with each other as a team. It helped to remind everyone why they were there, and why they do what they do – the shared ethos they all shared as part of such a unique and innovative franchise: empowering PAs and service users, but also empowering themselves as business owners.

These kind of events play such an important role in any franchise, but especially one like Hub Care Support, and feedback from attendees could not have been more positive:

“It was great to catch up with everyone at the annual franchisee meeting. The day was both informative and good fun. We feel glad to be a part of this growing family.” – Mark & Karen, Fareham

“It was such a beautiful day full of fun, laughter and getting to know the other branches properly. What a great team we all are and thank you for a truly wonderful day.” – Amy & Adam, West Herts

“I found the day very interesting, not only the statistics and official side of the training day but also seeing that we are part of something much bigger, we have a great team around us from head office and with the variety of experience from all the other franchises and their previous work, Hub Care Support is growing and I feel has a really great buzz about it. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 12 months!” – Roger, East Anglia coast

New Hub Care Support locations opening soon!

Some very exciting news on the horizon as we go through the final stages of recruiting yet another new face to the Hub Care Support family, with a new location set to open in Sutton Coldfield soon. Keep an eye out for more info in our next email!

Over in West Herts, franchisees Amy & Adam have just put the last pieces in place for their second territory set to open in January. Not only is this an amazing development considering they have only been up and running in their first territory for 18 months, but also because their new office will be Hub Care Support’s 10th branch!

Two franchisees complete their first year

Time sure has flown by for franchisees Roger & Joyce on the East Anglia coast, and Bukky in Milton Keynes & Bedfordshire, who are now celebrating the end of their first year with the Hub Care Support franchise!

We’re happy to report that they are right on track with their Year 1 plan and are looking forward to the next 12 months. While they are no longer new to the business, the Hub Care head office team is continuing to support them every step of the way and has scheduled quarterly review meetings with them to make sure they do just as well in their all-important second year.

Don’t let 2023 slip away! Start planning for a fantastic 2024 today

With the nights drawing in and the year racing by, I’m sure we are all starting to hunker down for the winter months. However, this downtime before Christmas might also be an excellent opportunity for you to lay the groundwork for the changes you want to see in your life in 2024.

Now could be the perfect time for you to take the next step in finding out if the Hub Care Support franchise can help you fulfil your ambitions, whether it is an initial call with me, or following up on a chat we’ve already had by setting up a meeting with the Hub Care team.

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