Hub Care Support welcomed three new franchisees over the summer, and these are the words of Mark Hirst who opened his Fareham office in June. His story is a fascinating one because he was determined to open a care business, but had nearly given up on finding the right opportunity.

When we first spoke to him earlier in the year, he told us he had looked at dozens of different care franchises, but no-one was standing out for him. He was disappointed not only that everyone was offering the same old business model, but that no-one was doing anything to seriously address the major problems the care industry is facing.

He wanted a model which really broke the mould, and he found it with Hub Care Support.

You can learn the full story here:

Meet our franchisees – Mark Hirst, Hub Care Support Fareham

It’s well worth spending the time to read, especially as he doesn’t come from a care background at all. He’s run his own large business, and even been a partner in several franchises, but it wasn’t until he discovered Hub Care Support that he found something he could really put his heart and soul into.

While it’s still early days for him and his new business, we’re expecting great things from him.

How well could a Hub Care Support franchise work for you?

Well, there’s only one way to find out, and that’s by getting in touch. I am always more than happy to answer any questions you have, and it is definitely worth your time learning about what makes Hub Care Support so unique.

We’ll be following up this story with some more case studies from the other new franchisees soon, as well as talking to two well-established franchisees who are coming up on their first year with Hub Care Support to see how well they’re doing – so, watch this space!